Offset would have to pay more than $30,000 for causing an accident


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the rapper Offsethusband of Cardi-B and member of the trio Migos, you could have to pay a little over $30,000 to an auto insurer due to his alleged responsibility in a spectacular traffic accident that occurred in November 2020.

According to the aforementioned company, Mercury Insurance, the artist or one of his companions negligently drove a powerful Dodge Charger through the winding roads of Encino, in California, and eventually the car collided with a Honda Civic, at the wheel of which was Silvestre Cruz Gutiérrez. His partner, María Salinas López, occupied the passenger seat.

As the insurer maintains, which protected the second of the mentioned cars, Maria suffered numerous bodily injuries, partial loss of her hearing and, in addition, an understandable nervous shock, among other consequences. His injuries prevented him from working and his medical treatment resulted in a high bill.

The aforementioned company disbursed a total of $26,696 dollars to the couple, $15,000 of which went directly to María Salinas, but now it has initiated the corresponding legal procedures so that Offset is in charge of paying such an amountin addition to the interest derived from the almost two years that have passed since the mishap and the damages caused. The compensation could end up exceeding $30,000 dollars, according to the news portal Radar Online.

Regardless of how this sticky matter plays out, Offset and Cardi B’s financial ability to deal with compensation of this size is beyond question. It must be remembered that, last July, the couple decided to give her little Kulture, only 4 years old, $50,000 dollars that the girl can dispose of at her whim.

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