No ultra-processed foods: this is how Vin Diesel gains muscles with his “clean bulking”

The star of Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel, is one of the celebrities who practices the bulking diet, which has several steps and allows you to eat the foods that generate the most benefit in an orderly manner, quickly, and above all, in a healthy way. healthy way.

By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office

Bulking is a type of diet to gain weight quickly and then define the body with intense exercises. Many Hollywood stars have been doing it and one of them is the actor Vin Dieselwhich in addition to practicing it, has some techniques so that the benefits are also healthy.

After the intense protein and carbohydrate diet, the actor girdles in the gym.

What the star practices Fast and Furious It is called “clean bulking”, since when eating abundant food, avoid those that harm the body, or that could cause volume growth that is difficult to reverse in the gym.

For it, Vin Diesel prefer to consume processed foods instead of ultra-processed ones. When the actor is placed in a bulking period, he can eat healthy foods in quantity, such as a pizza with a base of quinoa or whole wheat or with protein cheese. What he tries to avoid is sweets, which are hard to put down in the gym.

Vin Diesel usually have a diet based on the intake of proteins and carbohydrates, introducing, if possible, intermittent fasting. This way you can gain weight quickly, so that you can then have time to define your muscles with intense exercises in the gym.

Bulking has worked very well for Vin Diesel.

What is recommended in these cases is that the bulking diet does not last for more than four or five weeks, since, after the accelerated and abundant intake of food in that period, it can then be difficult to reduce with exercises. and can cause health problems.

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