New trial evidence leaks and celebrities withdraw their support for the actor

The scandals do not end for Johnny Deppbecause after the legal documents of the trial that he brought against Amber HeardDue to defamation, and evidence that the actor tried to keep hidden, various celebrities rejected the artist.

Depp was exposed in front of some of his fans, who paid $3,000 for Heard’s details to be revealed, however, the defense strategies of both teams and information that was not taken into account in court came to light, which which inadvertently involved the also musician.

The documents, which also went viral, caused celebrities who supported Depp’s triumph on social networks, after the trial, to remove the “like” from the publication.

A user on Twitter was in charge of making a list with the names of the celebrities who withdrew their “support” after the recent news, among which are: Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr, NikkieTutorials, Zoey Deutch, Sophie Turner and Joey King, presumably.


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What was revealed in the documents?

According to “The Daily Beast”, more than 6 thousand pages of judicial records of both actors were published.

Depp would have tried to present nudes of Amber as evidence. Before the trial, the actress’s team argued that testimonies about “irrelevant personal matters” should not be included.

“Mr. Depp improperly seeks to present evidence of the following irrelevant personal matters: (1) nude photos of Amber Heard; (2) video from a reality television show of Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney; (3) the Whitney and Amber’s past romantic relationships (4) Amber Heard’s romantic relationships brief stint as an exotic dancer years before she met Mr. Depp and Mr. Depp was frivolously and maliciously attempting to suggest or imply that Ms. Heard would ever once was an escort”.

The actress was also blamed for the death of one of her friends. The documents included a statement from Whitney Henriquez, Heard’s sister, taken on February 2, 2022. In the interview, the musician’s lawyers questioned Amber about ” Logan”, the friend who died in a car accident when he was a teenager, which caused the actress to suffer a strong sadness.

“Depp’s lawyers first asked if Heard and Logan were romantically involved or if they ever fought, to which Henriquez said no. They then tried to imply that Heard told Henriquez that she was with Logan the day he died and/or that she was driving the car he died in, to which Henriquez said that did not happen. Still, Depp’s lawyers continued to pressure Henriquez, asking if the suspension of Heard’s driver’s license “had anything to do with the accident in which Logan was killed,” it is quoted as saying.

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Depp also allegedly doctored audio tapes of discussions between him and Amber and refused to provide unaltered recordings.

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