Netflix: Chris Evans would co-star with Emily Blunt in “Pain Hustlers”

After confirming that the English actress Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place) is the one who will take the leading role in one of the stellar projects that Netflix is ​​preparing for the coming months with the production of “Pain Hustlers”, it seems that Chris Evans is shaping up to be the co-star of this story that will focus on the drama that will be directed by David Yates, recognized for directing some films from the magical world of “Harry Potter”.

According to information from the Deadline medium, Chris Evans would be in negotiations to start filming “Pain Hustlers” this yearand although it has not been revealed what her character would be, so far it is known that the plot will revolve around the decisions that “Liza Drake” (Emily Blunt) will have to make, who after a desperate period of unemployment, agrees to work in a pharmacist trusting that in this way she will be able to give her little daughter a good future, however, she finds a company on the verge of financial crisis and shady business, for which she stands out as a key employee in saving the business, without imagining that her decisions They will take her to the dark side of the business immersed in criminality.

In addition to having David Yates in the direction, it has transpired that the script for “Pain Hustlers” is worked by Wells Tower and inspired by the non-fiction book “The Hard Sell” by Evan Hughes, in addition to the fact that the new Netflix story would have a cut very similar to that seen in “American Hustle” (American Hustle) and “The Wolf of Wall Street ” (The Wolf of Wall Street), both nominated for an Oscar, so it is estimated that the new Netflix movie can aspire to be one of the great candidates for awards such as the Golden Globe and the Oscar.



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