Murderers also kill in summer

Before launching into an insane drift of revenge in soulless movies, Liam Neeson did great work with filmmakers like Neil Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Bille August or Christopher Nolan. When did this actor, stern, sober, always imposing, decide to be ‘the vigilante’ and seize what had previously been the kingdom of Charles Bronson? And above all, why? Movie riddles.

Shortly before the global pandemic was declared, Neeson was in Madrid and guaranteed that he would do it again – be the violent avenger of cinema – “if there is enough money.” Well, true to his word, the Irishman perseveres in his role as ‘liquidator’ in an action thriller, this time in The memory of a murderer (premiere July 22). And although the director Martin Campbell this film has not turned out as well as his 007 Royal Casinoit does play in a higher league than other recent titles Neeson has embarked on.

Remake of the 2003 Belgian film The Memory of a Killer, by Erik Van Looy, which added to the tools of pure entertainment an important social content and an interesting political nuance, this new thriller deals with issues as serious as child sex trafficking, illegal immigration, disease or mortality. In it, Neeson is Alex Lewis, a retired hit man who refuses to do a new ‘job’ for a dangerous criminal organization. In his last years he wants to repair a terrible damage he inflicted in the past, but his personal mission is complicated because he now suffers from the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci and Taj Atwal accompany him in the cast.

“In every job I do someone dies”

Much less regret have the murderers of another of this summer’s thrillers, Bullet Train (premiere August 5). Action and humor in the hands of David Leitchdirector of titles such as John Wick (another day to kill) —although in this film he did not appear in the credits—, Atomic, Deadpool 2 either Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Here, on the bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Morioka, no less than five assassins meet -Ladybug, Kimura, the Prince, Tangerine and Lemon-, who in the middle of the journey discover that their missions are connected.
Brad Pitt, Andrew Koji, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry are the thugs in this story, in which the doubt grows as to which of them will arrive safely at the end of the journey and who or what awaits them there .

“My bad luck is legendary, in every job I do someone dies”, says Brad Pitt-Ladybug to whom the woman who has hired him (Sandra Bullock) has given that nom de guerre, ‘sissy’ translated into Spanish. “Ladybug? Oh, I know, ladybugs are supposed to bring good luck.” Which is not exactly the case with this guy. Both, Bullock and Pitt, coincided in the adventure film The lost Citystarring the first and in which he made a cameo.

In Bullet Trainhis official return to the cinema after the pandemic, the actor from Oklahoma has given everything and has interpreted most of the action scenes without the need for specialists. Sequences, precisely, in which this director has extensive experience after years working as a stunt and stunt coordinator. In addition, Pitt has once again demonstrated his talent for action comedy.

Trained by the CIA

And, of course, the CIA. Speaking of killers in movies and in reality, an agent trained by the US government agency is a good specimen to hunt and be hunted. This time it’s about the second. the unseen agentwhich recently had its theatrical release before jumping to Netflix, is an operation considered by the platform to create a new action saga and perhaps with it begin to emerge from the crisis. In the first three months of this 2022, the company confessed to having lost 200,000 subscribers. In the following three months, although this data is still unconfirmed, it seems that another two million subscribers have evaporated.

Ryan Gosling in a still from the new movie 'The Invisible Agent'
Ryan Gosling in a still from the new movie ‘The Invisible Agent’. Netflix

In its flight forward, the platform has bet $200 million for this movie, the most expensive Netflix original title of the year. Starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, who are accompanied by Ana de Armas and Billy Bob Thornton, it is an adaptation of a novel by Mark Greaney, in the hands of the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo (Avengers, Captain America).

A CIA-trained hit man and another ex-agent hunting him down. It will be the first installment of the series dedicated to Court Gentry, alias Sierra Seix, of which there is already a prequel script telling its origins and the promise of a sequel, which would also star Gosling. By the way, this was not the first option of the directors, who first put the character on a plate for Chris Evans, but he decided that, surely tired of getting into the skin of the ‘good’ Captain America, he wanted to play a villain. And very much into the role, on the first day of shooting he hit Ryan Gosling in the face with the character’s gun. There was no intention. “It hurts?” / “My ego is a bit bruised.”

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