Megan Fox confessed in an interview that she suffers from body dysmorphia

  Megan Fox. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni
Megan Fox. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Actress Megan Fox confessed in an interview with GQ magazine with her boyfriend, singer Colson Baker, known by his stage name Machine Gun Kellywho suffers from body dysmorphia, a mental health disorder.

According to experts, This disease is an obsessive disorder that consists of an unusual concern for some defect, whether real or imagined, perceived in one’s physical characteristics, self-image. If this defect exists, the worry and anxiety experienced by these people is excessive, since they perceive it in an exaggerated way.

Several media have expressed that the term dysmorphia has become quite popular, especially with the arrival of the networks, there are two different types: dysmorphia face and body in which the smallest or most imperceptible defects are they become a fixation that goes beyond normal. “Body dysmorphia is a pervasive perception that your body is different and more negative than it actually is, no matter how many times the facts are presented to you”, commented the psychologist John Mayer a health line.

Megan Fox, at different times in her career
Megan Fox, at different times in her career

In the note, the Transformers actress said that she suffers from the disease and that she has “a lot of deep insecurities”.

He also argued that you can look at someone and think that person is very beautiful and their life must be very easy, but most likely they do not feel that way about themselves.

In an interview in 2019, for the media ‘Entertainment Tonight’, she told how she was affected by having felt sexualized for years by the media and the film industry. “I think I had a psychological breakdown where I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to be seen, I didn’t want to have to have my picture taken, walk a red carpet, I didn’t want to be seen in public out of fear or the belief that they would make fun of me.”

(Photo: File)
(Photo: File)

Recently in a review of her looks for the Who What Wear YouTube channel, she explained that many times her managers intended her to dress in one way, to look like a “movie star” and she revealed herself and wore the clothes that made her feel more comfortable.

Fox told GQ Style that he undertook a “spiritual quest” to resolve her feelings and take control of her responses to others’ perceptions of her, “I worked really hard to get rid of that feeling of being a victim and realize that it was a choice. So I had a purpose and I didn’t have to suffer anymore. It has made me grow into a much more interesting human being than I would have been.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Photo © 2021 REX Features/Shutterstock /The Grosby Group
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Photo © 2021 REX Features/Shutterstock /The Grosby Group

She owes much of this to her current partner, singer Machine Gun Kelly, who, according to the actress, is her “soul mate.” She appreciates the fact that he helped her feel more comfortable with herself. “I always felt that there was something that I was missing, that I had left, that you are always looking for. But then you meet the person who completes that for you and it’s like ‘Ah, this is what my heart was searching for.’”he concluded.


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