Megan Fox and her fiancé or Barbie and Ken? The couple appears in New York with matching looks

Before meeting and getting engaged to her self-described “soul mate,” singer Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox she used to always wear her natural dark brown that from time to time illuminated with reflections to measure. Now, the actress is not afraid of her experimentation and she has already worn false bangs of different shapes and lengths and has even bleached her hair; a series of express transformations by which has received many comparisons with Kim Kardashian, whom they say he looks more like every day. The last one was in New York, where her still boyfriend presented the documentary Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink and both walked the red carpet in matching looks dominated by pink reminiscent of those of Mattel’s most famous couple: Barbie and Ken.


Megan fox

Megan fox

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matching hair color

Pink is the protagonist of Megan Fox’s change of look and also of a style that has combined with that of her fiancé, whose real name is Colson Baker. Although it is the emblem color of the artist, who usually chooses it for the covers of his albums, his clothes, his manicure or the scenery of his concerts, the truth is that the transformation also coincides with the filming of the highly anticipated Barbie. In the film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the actors step into the shoes of the doll couple that Megan and Colson remind us of so much in their last appearance on the red carpet.

Yet We do not know if the change is the work of a wig, the favorite resource of the Kardashian sisters to carry out your express transformations; on previous occasions, as in the case of the met gala bangs or the almost white platinum blonde that debuted last October, has always recovered its dark brown from one day to the next. We will have to wait to find out, although we verified that the extra light pink that the actress wears keeps the hairline dark, the most effective professional trick to avoid the “root effect” and the best idea for those who want to imitate Megan.




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In addition to the hair, the protagonist of transformers also pay homage to her fiancé’s and Mattel doll’s favorite color with the rest of her styling in a pink key: a minidress by Nensi Dojaka, a brand that has already made others fall in love celebrities like Emma Watson, Zendaya or Emily Ratajkowski, strappy sandals and manicures and pedicures. An ode to the Barbie symbol with which the American adds another radical transformation to her growing list of makeovers.

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