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Through TikTok, a man published his experience of being trapped in a Cinépolis complex, as he claimed to have fallen asleep after seeing one of the blockbusters of the moment.

Has it happened to you that no matter how much you want to watch a movie, you fall asleep? Something similar happened to a young man in Querétaro, because according to the couple of videos he uploaded to his TikTok account, woke up completely alone in a Cinépolis theater after attending a function of Thor: Love and ThunderDo Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson also have powers to put the viewer to sleep?

It’s about the user Mikels Sanchezwho decided to share his experience of being trapped in a Cinépolis complex, a chain in which you can currently see DC League of Super Pets, Elvis Y Bullet train. “I fell asleep at the last movie show and this happened. I swear I thought the employees who cleaned the room after each movie were going to wake me up, but they left without cleaning it”.

Mikels Sanchez

After falling asleep while watching ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, Mikelss Sanchez got stuck in the theater.

In the clips that together add up to more than 46 million reproductions, the young man can be seen recording himself while the room he was in was completely darksomething similar to what Thor Odinson experienced when confronting Gorr the butcher god of Christian Bale in that black and white scene directed by Taika Waititi, where the color vanished.

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Once the user with just under 500 thousand followers left the room and went to the corridors of the most successful Mexican chain of cinemas in the world, he confirmed all his suspicions: he had been trapped and there was no one who could help him. Leave the place. “It’s already closed!” he mentioned when he tried to open the doors of the cinema:Neta left me locked up? What happens in these cases?

Mikels Sanchez

After spending the whole night in Cinépolis, he was rescued by a cleaning employee.

In a second video it was revealed that despite his attempts, he had to spend the whole night inside Cinépolis, he is even seen lying on an armchair at the entrance to the VIP section, while he used his jacket as a blanket, as he claims to have been cold.

My mom is not going to believe me, I was locked in the cinema.

This experience reminds us of movies like Sinister phenomenon, [REC] and the new movie the devil’s elevator, because in each of them the protagonists are trapped in a public place and find a way to spend the night. Although this time, there were clearly no zombies or hellish creatures, in the end Mikelss Sanchez shared with laughter that he was rescued by the cleaning man, who asked him what he was doing there.

However, in the more than 10 thousand comments, other Users commented that these videos are false, since the images belong to two completely different cinemas: the first in Plaza Antea and the second in Plaza Esfera., yes, both in Querétaro, but in opposite locations. The latter has made many people think that this experience was actually a hoax, although the owner of the material has not been mentioned in this regard. What would you do if you were stuck in a movie theater all night?

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