Luis Fonsi overshadows Tom Cuise: “Training for when he retires”

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In the path of Luis Fonsi everything has been forged, as one of his most acclaimed songs says, Slowly. She is one of the biggest international music stars and everything is the result of her intense and constant work.

In addition to his best-known facet, music, he has appeared in numerous television programs and contests, not forgetting the starring roles in some soap operas at the beginning of his career. Now, in addition, he has shown us that he is prepared to make the leap to the cinema, nothing more and nothing less than to take the witness of Tom Cruise when he retires, there by «2075«, Just as the one from Puerto Rico joked on his networks.

Nope, Luis Fonsi At the moment he is not going to star in any movie. Everything is due to one of the many ironic publications that the artist shares through his social networks. On this occasion, Fonsi remembered the day he got on a military rescue plane.

«Training for when Tom Cruise retires in 2075«He expressed this at the bottom of the publication mentioning the film Top Gun, one of the most acclaimed of the American actor and of which this 2022, 36 years later, the second installment was released.

Although we know that Fonsi jokes about overshadowing the actor, the truth is that his fans love him so much that they have not hesitated to point out that he would be prepared to take the witness of it. «Tom Cruise trembles with the new actor», «Dreaming to see you in the cinema», «It looks good on you«, Are some of the comments that he has received from his followers.

Luis Fonsi’s perfect night in Spain

The artist is in Spain, and this August he has several appointments with the Spanish public. Fonsi is a great lover of Spain, so much so that he fell in love with a Spanish woman, Agueda Lopez, who is his current wife and mother of his two children.

Between concert and concert, the singer shows some of the plans with which he is taking advantage of our country. Recently we have been able to see him in the restaurant of Danny GarciaLEÑA, where he has gone to taste the dishes of the acclaimed chef.

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