Liverpool cancels purchases of Samsung screens at low prices, according to users

The article 50 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law establishes that if the author of the promotion does not fulfill his offer, The consumer may choose to demand compliance, accept another equivalent good or service, or terminate the contract. and, in any case, will have the right to pay the economic difference between the price at which the good or service object of the promotion is offered and its normal price, without prejudice to the bonus or compensation contemplated in article 92 TER of the promotion itself. Law.

Expansion contacted Profeco and said that he had already established communication with the supplier, who promised to respect the rights of consumers in accordance with the Law.

The agency explained that to date it has received 125 conciliation requests. Claims will be handled through Conciliaexpress, also recommended send request for conciliation with evidence.

Some users tagged the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) to follow up on their case. However, this does not mean a formal complaint, so the authority recommends going directly to the competent authority.

It is not the first time that Liverpool has canceled online purchases of discounted or promotional products. During his last Night Sale, he did not deliver Swarovsky brand jewelry items that he had offered in his online store at a discounted price. The argument then was that the inventory of the products was out of stock.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. One of the reasons why your order was canceled is: Due to lack of inventory,” the company explained in a message sent to affected consumers. “Because of the above, your return has been applied to the same form of payment with which you bought,” he added in the message.

Expansion sought out Liverpool to find out its position on the cancellation of online purchases of various discounted products, however, until now the department has not issued a position.

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