Leonardo DiCaprio is seen with a woman who is not Camila Morrone

It seems that Leonardo Dicaprio he did it again. The 47-year-old American actor could be fulfilling his rule of not being romantically involved with women over 25, since he was seen with a very young woman who is not his girlfriend Camila Morronewith whom he has a four-year relationship and who just turned a quarter of a century, on June 16.

Leo was caught in St. Tropez very affectionate with the young daughter of a millionaire from Monaco, whose name has not been revealed.

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(Leonardo DiCaprio/AP)

“Hello, we are in Salama St, Tropez. Leo is sitting at a table next to us, trying to act discreet, but he is sitting next to the daughter of some Monaco oligarchs, getting affectionate with no Camilla in sight,” one person narrated. anonymous to the site “Deuxmoi”, which is dedicated to publishing leaks.

This news has set off the alarms, because if true, DiCaprio would end up with a couple who is already 25 years old. Coincidence or not, the actor has become the protagonist of many notes about this peculiar behavior.

leonardo dicaprio 25 years girlfriends women


In the graph that a Reddit user shared on the platform, it is verified that the girlfriends of Leonardo Dicaprio they have kept to what seems to be their norm to be able to fall in love with someone, even when he was 24 years old, his girlfriend barely came of age: Gisele B√ľndchen dated the actor for five years and ended their relationship when she turned 23 year old.

leonardo dicaprio gisele bundchen

(Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen. Photo from 2004 / AFP)

In an interview with “Los Angeles Times”, Camila Morrone spoke about the rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio and his tendency to only date women under 25 years of age.

“I think we should all be able to date whoever we want.”

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