Kylie Jenner’s simplest stiletto nails

    That Kylie Jenner is the queen of manicures, among many other things, is an undeniable reality. Many years ago the little girl from the Kardashian clan carved out the privileged role of ‘nail reference’ and, since then, her ‘manipedis’ have lived ‘rent-free’ in our heads. That is why each ‘post’ of the style he publishes is synonymous with inspiration for those of us who love to wear long nails. Kylie is, in fact, our biggest ‘influencer’ in this regard.

    However, over the years, we have noticed a drastic change in the style of the businesswoman. Although he keeps his gel polish trustworthy, now the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics prefers minimalist nail designs. Designs that, although very trendy this season, do not stray too far from neutral tones and, more specifically, from pastel pink o’ baby pink. And that is exactly what he proposes to us in his latest ‘story’. Keep it simple with the most recurrent dusting and, however, add the original touch that we all expect from it.

    Kylie Jenner’s latest manicure: nude pink nails with rhinestones

    Of all the colors of enamel that are trending this summer, it is true to say that the most relaxed ‘nude’ share the spotlight with the delicate roses which, on occasion, are so ‘light’ that they can even appear to be neutral colours.And that hybrid is precisely what has inspired Kylie Jenner to order your last manicure. The result? A nude pink whose special touch lies in the application of diamond style rhinestones at the level of the cuticles.

    kylie jenner pink manicure


    As you can see, the youngest of the Kardashians does not leave her nude pink nail polish header lately. However, since it is a very trendy but also subtle pastel shade, she has seen fit to add a special ‘pump’. How? With rhinestones that simulates a diamond. are you going to copy the Kylie Jenner’s latest manicure? So, whether you have short nails or as long as her, take a look at this selection of products.

    Nail Color Cream in shade 97 ‘Whichita’


    Nail Lacquer in the shade ‘Mimosas by Mr. & Mrs.’


    Super Gel in shade 091 ‘English Rose’

    Rimmel London



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