Kylie Jenner wears stiletto nails with rhinestones in trend of summer 2022

We cannot deny that the nail of Kylie Jenner they are always spotless. Everything that has to do with designs, textures Y trend colors, you will find it in his profile Instagram. The American businesswoman takes advantage of the reach of social networks and does not hesitate to share new styles and modern, yet sophisticated concepts that are perfect for any occasion.

among all the nail trends for 2022 highlight the opaque colors, As the cobalt blue or deep brown. However, the also model leans towards nude shades with a shiny finish, where the fine sparkles of rhinestones were the final touch that finished complementing the design perfect in manicure. This is how she boasted in her account TikTokand before you head to your next salon session, we’ll reveal how to achieve a similar effect.

How are Kylie Jenner’s rhinestone nails?

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The catwalks and street style have announced the return of the nails with rhinestones in manicure. In addition, the videos on Instagram reveal different designs, sometimes being risky and colorful looks, but if you opt for slightly more discreet finishes, Kylie Jenner It is the ideal inspiration to emerge victorious.

To style your handsthe renowned artist in nail, Chaun Legend, leaned towards the classics stiletto nails based on nude colorwhich stand out for their finish gradient and glitter. To finish, she delicately placed rhinestones at the tip, achieving a perfect minimalist effect for the season.

How do you do nails with rhinestones?

celebrity manicurist, Tom Bachickis an expert when it comes to glitter on handssince he loves working with chunky jewelry and even small earrings, to elevate the style. the key of the nail designs with rhinestones it is in the first place to identify where you want place the pieces, then apply a base coat of your favorite color and with the help of a applicator gel, It can be (OPI Break-Protector Gel) cover the surface of the shine and accommodate the stone with the help of tweezers, finally, finish with the sealing layer.

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