Kris Jenner surprises by showing her face without makeup at 66

United States.- Although she is always seen with makeup that makes her look younger, Chris Jenner this time he appeared in front of his millions of followers without a single drop of makeupwhich he has rarely done.

Always supporting her children in each of their projects, Kris was the advertising collaborator of SKKNthe new beauty line of Kim Kardashian, one of her daughters, showing her facial routine after a night of makeup.

Through the social networks of the SKKN BY KIM page, a video was shared starring Kris Jenner, where she is shown with full makeup which she then begins to remove with a facial cleanser from her daughter’s brand.

Almost immediately, the businesswoman stays without makeup and shows off his face at the age of 66unleashing all kinds of reactions, since you can see that it remains very preserved for its age.

Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashians, surprises by showing her face without makeup at 66

The mother of the most beautiful women in the world received quite a lot of compliments, highlighting her natural beauty and also the advice she offers, since she says that at her age it is difficult to find a good routine for facial care and with the products of her daughter has made it.

After running out of makeup, Kris exfoliates her face, spreads moisturizer, also vitamin C and ends with eye cream, a complete routine that many appreciate, because the Kardashian-Jenner clan has the best skin and very well preserved. within the entertainment world.

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