kourtney kardashian beauty routine

Among many things, Kardashian are famous for their great physical attractivenesssame that each morning they leave in the hands of their ‘glam team’, who are in charge of leaving them more than ready to start with their family reality show

The process occupies such an important part of their day that most of them have a room especially for makeup and hair. Who were they!

Nevertheless, Kourtney revealed a foolproof step in her beauty routine and that will surely make you want to apply it once you finish reading this note, I assure you.

The socialite explained that prefers to show a much more natural image when he is not supposed to pose in front of the cameras or attend an event.

The oldest of the Kardashian clan revealed that these days do not iron your hair and let it dry naturally, for which he occupies a turban or a towel, which allows him to control the frizz.

And something else, Travis Barker’s wife stressed that She doesn’t do makeup every day either.At most, concealer is applied, as well as a touch of bronzer on the cheeks and eyelids.

But what flat you can’t miss your beauty routine is brushing your eyebrows and curling your eyelashesso he made it known on his blog on the Poosh platform.

So you know, for Kourtney, ‘more is less’ applies.

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