Kim Kardashian criticized the “dangerous” parenting of daughter Chicago, 4, and granddaughters Dream, 6 and True, 4, on a boat trip

KARDASHIAN Fans have criticized Kim for her dangerous parenting of her daughter Chicago and granddaughters Dream and True.

Kim, 41, recently posted an Instagram photo of the three children on a boat trip.

Fans criticized Kim for not putting life jackets on the girls during their boat trip


All three lovely girls look out over the crystal clear water from the deck of a boat.

Kim’s daughters Khloe and Rob are all aboard with the same fashion sense, wearing similar pink and purple swimsuits.

Kim captioned the photo: “BFFAE Best Friends Forever.”

Khloe responded with six white hearts, while Rob posted emojis of hearts and hugs.

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While fans thought the next generation of the Kardashian clan were adorable, they worried about their safety.

Many took their concerns to a social media forum, criticizing Kim for not wearing life jackets on girls.

The fan said: “I may be in the minority here, but I would like the parents to put the safety measures in place. These children are on a boat without life jackets. Even when they are in the car, they are sometimes not properly secured. it doesn’t take just a few more minutes to do it ”.

Another replied: Put a life jacket on those children, please !!! I’m sorry, but as a kid growing up on boats, you would never have such small children on deck without floating. It doesn’t matter if it’s the calm Caribbean ”.

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A third said, “Oh, I grew up on a boat too, but I’ve never worn a life jacket. To be honest, we were in Australia (not sure what the requirements were) and not on a giant yacht.

“But now I’ve put a life jacket on my dog ​​when we go on a boat, and I’d probably put one on a child if I had one.”

Another added that this is not the first time Kim has failed to practice security measures.

They wrote: “Like that episode where Khloe is driving in the snow and the car is spinning with Kim and North in the back seat. Kim kept saying he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. First, why ???? Second, I would. “I fastened my seat belt right away! Edit: I know you meant that children are not properly insured but adults are too !!!


There have been multiple instances where fans have criticized Kardashian’s dangerous parenting style.

From Kim using the cot bumpers with Salmo, possibly risking SIDS, to Kourtney not tying her kids to a classic car ride, and Khloe putting True “in danger” with a name on her school bag .

Kylie was recently targeted for a manicure she and daughter Stormi did together.

The 24-year-old reality star shared a video of her and Stormi getting their nails done in a salon.

Stormi, opted for orange nails with small diamonds glued to the ends.

Critics were little impressed with Stormi’s nails, arguing that the gems could potentially be harmful to the tot.

One wrote sarcastically on Reddit: “Let me stick some choking hazards on my baby’s hands.”

Others denounced Kylie’s long “unsanitary” nails and said it would make things difficult for the reality star to care for her six-month-old son.


The criticism comes as fans began to fear for Kim’s health, noticing her shrinking waistline.

Kim and Chicago modeled black bodysuits during a recent photo shoot to promote the new one Yeezy / Gap sunglasses on Instagram.

In a sweet snapshot, the founder of SKIMS cuddled with her baby girl and held her in her arms, while they both wore the same reflective sunglasses.

Instead of talking about the tender moment, fans found themselves discussing Kim’s weight.

Followers noted that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum looked so skinny that the little girl seemed to be able to wrap her arms completely around her.

One critic said: “I love the queen but you are so skinny !!”

In May, The Sun exclusively revealed that Kim’s family are concerned that the TV personality is losing too much weight and is “barely sleeping.”

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An insider said Kim’s busy schedule with filming the family reality show, studying to become a lawyer, caring for her four children as a single mother, and her coastal romance with the former Saturday star. Night Live Pete Davidson, 28, has taken its toll.

The source said: “He is now constantly jetlagged and finds it difficult to adapt to training. I think Kim is really struggling, but she won’t admit it. “

Fans have criticized Kylie for letting Stormi get a manicure which could be a choking hazard


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An insider claims that Kim leads a stressful life that could put a strain on her relationship with Pete


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