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With the emotional intelligence and common sense of the guy who takes his bow and shoots an arrow into the sun. Lenny (Adam Sandler), Eric (Kevin James), Marcus (David Spade), Kurt (Chris Rock) and Rob (Rob Schneider) play that game in the Dennis Dugan movie. He wins the most ‘brave’, which is sometimes the most innocent and sometimes the most clumsy. He wins the last to leave his position.

Jarlan Barrera stars in the most recent scene. Surely with his blood still warm from the insults he received on his last visit to the Metropolitan playing with the Atlético Nacional shirt, he threw a couple of darts against the shield of the team that finished forming him and allowed him his professional debut. The team of which, until a few years ago, he claimed to be a fan.

A divorce from a while ago that was finished notarizing this week. A story that at some point she painted for eternal idyll, but it was nothing more than an affair that has already died. And it’s true, Jarlan hasn’t exactly gotten roses from the Junior crowd in recent times, but who’s the grown-up here?

The samarium started saying: “Getting to Nacional was a dream I had for a long time, the feeling of playing in the best team in Colombia.” Until then, everything perfect. There are many reasons to maintain that the Paisa team enjoys that status: international titles, local stars, fans and history. In addition, the player is free to wish to be anywhere and to express it publicly.

The mess came when he evoked his recent tears, shed when he scored the 17th star for Nacional with a last minute goal: “I felt it when I was in Junior, where we lost finals, where the feeling of crying that one felt before was different because one left crying, but it was losing the finals”.

Jarlan is a boy with a bad memory. He forgot, while pouring salt on that wound, that he was also responsible for causing it: he missed a penalty that meant a Copa Sudamericana title. He also forgot that in Barranquilla some tears were sweet: he won three titles with Junior (one league and two cups), more than what he has achieved so far with Nacional.

A boy who feels that in order to gain more ground in his current girlfriend’s heart, he must speak ill of his ex. And it doesn’t necessarily work that way. To really conquer the fans of Nacional -who know well about idols and role models- we must continue doing much more. Jarlan was wrong. He forgot as he drew his bow that the arrow shot into the sun always returns. Especially if you are the last to run.

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