Johnny Depp’s trick to avoid having to learn his scripts on film

AAlthough he has been away from the big screen for a while, Johnny Depp He remains one of the best known actors in the world. Not just for his controversial trial for defamation with his ex-wife Amber Heardbut because of the different testimonies that have emerged about his work during the filming.

It is known that some filming partners of the American actor have pointed out his addiction to drink and drugs. However, some of his representatives went a step further and during a dispute they had with Depp, they accused him of use a pea so you don’t have to learn the dialogues of the movies.

In a judicial declaration framed during a process in which Johnny Depp sued former representatives for mismanage your moneythe group of professionals revealed some details that did not leave the actor from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Fantastic Animals’ in a good place.

According to his statement, problems with alcohol and drugs led the Hollywood star to pay a sound engineer who, permanently, accompanied him to the shootings and said all his phrases through the earpiece. Depp’s objective was none other than to avoid “memorizing his lines” and, as they assured, he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Depp’s accusation about Amber Heard

It is not the only controversy of the interpreter in recent times, since after his triumph in the trial against Amber Heard, various information about the each other’s attempts to bring matters of private life to light Of the other part. Like Johnny Depp, who accused his ex-wife of having been luxury prostitute before going out with him.

For her part, the ‘Aquaman’ actress pointed to a alleged erectile dysfunction by the interpreter of Jack Sparrowwhich is why, supposedly, Depp would have sexually abused her.

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