Johnny Depp accused of plagiarism

Aitana Ocaña, vacations in Ibiza without Miguel Bernardeau

Aitana Ocana he has returned to Ibiza with his parents to enjoy a few days off. The Catalan singer was already on the island of Pitiusa last June with her boyfriend Miguel Bernardeau.

The artist will resume her tour next September and is taking advantage to disconnect with his family on the beach. Of course, no sign of his partner on this occasion, that he is immersed in the filming of the new version of The Fox for Prime Video.

Aitana Ocaña in Ibiza

Aitana Ocaña in Ibiza / EP

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, love and complicity for Madrid

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro have taken advantage of a moment of rest in their respective tours to walk your love through the streets of Madrid. In addition, the couple wanted to take advantage of their stay in the city to eat at a well-known restaurant in the capital. Rosalía assured how happy she is for the result of her concerts: “Super happy, she has gone very well, happy to have been able to play here again.”

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro / EP

John Legend breaks up his friendship with Kanye West

The singer John Legend He decided break up his friendship with kanye west after discovering his political inclination. The rapper showed his I support Donald Trump in the last US presidential election, when Joe Biden was victorious. “I think the situation was too like to maintain our friendship, the truth”, has confessed the interpreter of All of Me.

Singer John Legend

Singer John Legend / EP

Bad Bunny and Brat Pitt are filled with praise

The promotion of bullet train It has served to know how well two of its main actors got along on the set, Brad Pitt Y bad bunny. The also singer reveals, “I never felt uncomfortable in the scenes, I never felt less than the rest and the work environment was very nice.”

For his part, the protagonist of Do you know Joe Black? asserts that the Puerto Rican “goes for everything, he doesn’t doubt things!” So much so that he confesses: “When he throws me into the sea and stabs me at the scene, it was not thought at all, everything was very realistic!”. Here more flowers.

Felipe VI, accident and competition

The penultimate day of Sailing King’s Cup has begun in a somewhat ‘eventful’ way for His Majesty, who arrived punctually first thing in the morning at the Real Club Náutico de Palma de Mallorca to put himself, once again, at the controls of the sailboat. Smiling, wearing sunglasses and his ‘uniform’ in recent days, don philip He has embarked ready to close the gap with the leader of his category and play a good role in the three races that were disputed this Friday.

King Felipe VI on a sailboat / EP

King Felipe VI on a sailboat / EP

Victoria Beckham’s anger with her daughter-in-law

Everything seemed to be going well between the ex-spice girl and her son’s wife Brooklyn, Nicholas Peltz. Until a few hours ago, but nothing is further from reality. “They can’t stand each other and they don’t talk“, confesses a source close to the family in Page Six. The main reason was that the young woman did not want her mother-in-law “to be part of the wedding planning, and gave Victoria no clues about anything. Communication was minimal.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz / INSTAGRAM

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz / INSTAGRAM

War between Kylie Jenner and a cosmetics expert

Like many celebrities, Kylie also has her line of cosmetics and to defend its quality, she took photos in which she was seen “in the laboratory creating new magic for you and better than ever”. Of course, he angered a cosmetic developer because he was without gloves: “He is cheating his followers“.

But Kim Kardashian’s sister has not hesitated to reply that “this photo is not made in a manufacturing plant”, but in a small “personal space where I create my own fun samples and where I shoot for content that doesn’t come close to mass manufacturing.”I would never bypass protocols“, he asserts. “No one is putting customers at risk! Shame on Kevin for spread false information!” sentence.

Kylie Jenner in a laboratory / INSTAGRAM

Kylie Jenner in a laboratory / INSTAGRAM

The Ibiza holidays of Lydia Lozano

Lydia Lozano begins her summer vacation and this time, the destination chosen by the journalist has been the beaches of Ibiza. Putting aside his frantic afternoons in Save me‘ the collaborator has escaped from the big city to be able to relax for a few days near the sea.

with her husband Charliethe couple has taken advantage of their stay in the city to enjoy a pleasant morning with friends while having lunch in one of the beach bars island fashion.

The journalist Lydia Lozano / EP

The journalist Lydia Lozano / EP

Johnny Depp accused of plagiarism

Slim Wilsona man convicted of armed robbery serving a sentence in Missouri jail asserts that the actor has plagiarized a verse of his for the song Sad Motherfuckin’ Paradewhich was said to be dedicated to Amber Heard.

The prisoner shows the lines of his poem Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Mewhich runs thus: “Ladies of culture and beauty so refined, is there any among you who will grant me wine? I’m raggedI know, but I don’t smell bad and God bless the lady who’s buying me a drink. Hatty, from wide hipsturned to Nadine with a laugh and said, ‘What that son of a bitch really needs is a bath.'” Phrases much like “I’m ragged, I know, but I don’t have a bad smell”, “God bless the lady who will buy me a drink” and “What that motherfucker really needs is a bathroom.”, which are heard in Depp’s song.

Actor Johnny Depp / EFE

Actor Johnny Depp / EFE

Kevin Spacey sentenced to pay 31 million to ‘House of Cards’

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge compels kevin spacey to pay $31 million to the production company MCR, responsible for the series House of Cardsas compensation for breach of contract and for damages that caused with his behavior during the filming. The fine was approved by an arbitration court last year, but the actor appealed the measurealthough without success.

According to the newspaper The Hollywood Reporterthe arbitration court found that the plaintiff had breached the terms of your contract with his behavior after being accused of sexual harassment by a production assistant.

Actor Kevin Spacey/EP

Actor Kevin Spacey/EP

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