Jennifer’s hope and Ben Affleck

The much talked about wedding between Jennifer and Ben Affleck has made many think… And not precisely because of her courage in marrying four times, his simplicity in wearing a used jacket to get married, or the “express” chapel they chose for swear eternal love, in Las Vegas. The beloved and gorgeous Hollywood couple is the new hope for those who have kept an ex in the basement of her heart for long months, years and even decades.

And as if it were a divine sign, many think: “If Jennifer married her ex after 20 years, will it be that one day the same thing will happen to me?” Only time knows, but the reality is that in love everything is possible; separating does not always mean separating forever and if that person is destined for someone, it will be so if they have married, had children and even grandchildren.

What must be clear is that “the miraculous appearance” of an ex is not an automatic pass for another opportunity. You have to assess the situation and find out if you should go back.

Is it love or fear of loneliness?: According to studies in couple relationships, 52 percent of women and 70 percent of men return with their ex mainly for being accompanied and not precisely because they love each other. Give time to time and use it to meet other people. Don’t spend years waiting for an ex. When you share with someone different you can compare and recognize if your ex suits you or not. Having had other partners in 20 years confirmed Jennifer and Ben’s feelings for each other.

Evaluate the cause of the break: For more love, butterflies and chemistry in bed experienced in a relationship, never forget the negative side. No one is perfect, but there are “unforgivable” actions, such as verbal and physical abuse, major vices, infidelities, and not being treated as a loved and important being. Make a list of why you broke up in the past and how that has been resolved or would continue to affect you. Does it give you peace to try?

I’m sure Jennifer made her list, felt peace and confirmed that getting back with her ex was the best thing to do; a happy ending of movie and real life.

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