Jennifer Lopez: She dances, we sweat

Difficult to resist the rhythm of this video that we propose. In plain sight the most famous part of the body of the splendid singer and actress

Jennifer Lopez (web source)

Few women in the world, at 53, can be as sexy as she is. Jennifer Lopez should be studied. To understand how she can still be a bomb of sensuality today. In the meantime, however, we admire it. Check out what video we found on social media. But only do it if you are not faint of heart. Because our Jennifer shows off one of the most precious parts of her …

The myth Jennifer Lopez

Of Puerto Rican origins, he is probably the biggest pop star of recent years together with Madonna, Shakira and Lady Gaga. Her career began 23 years ago, in 1999. Since that time he has released ten albums, each of which has been more disruptive than the other on the world stage. And, in fact, it is estimated that he has sold around 80 million records in his career. And his fortune would be about $ 400 million.

In addition to her singing career, Jennifer Lopez has a long (and still active) acting career, acting for directors of enormous international credit.. Some titles: Francis Ford Coppola’s “Jack” (1996), Oliver Stone’s “U Turn” (1997), Steven Soderbergh’s “Out of sight” (1998), Kevin Smith’s “Jersey girl” (2004) ), “Ricomincio da me” by Peter Segal (2018).

Very active in the defense of human rights, Jennifer Lopez is therefore an icon, also of civil strife. The most superficial of her, however, obviously remain enchanted by her movements on stage and by the now famous B-side of her.

Watch out for the tube

As for love life, she had a turbulent relationship with actor Ben Affleck, from 2002 to 2004, when the couple were supposed to get married. Shortly before the planned wedding, the couple broke up, while remaining on good terms. In 2021, however, the two started dating again. In April 2022 the couple announced their engagement and in July of the same year they got married in Las Vegas.

A world artist. But also an erotic dream for many. At 53, Jennifer Lopez still drives her millions of fans crazy. Not only, therefore, for her art and her music. But also for the beauty of her. And, in fact, look at the video we found on social media.

Difficult to resist. Jennifer Lopez dances wildly, with her usual sinuous movements. She approaches a pipe, which we think can be envied by all men in the world. And he moves his legendary b-side. Here we are well beyond twerking …

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