Jennifer Lopez on her honeymoon with … luxury bags

jennifer lopez and ben affleck, parisian honeymoon with designer handbags

Some time ago Jennifer Lopez had declared that “every day with Ben is a honeymoon”. The Ben in question is Affleck’s surname and is the pop star’s newlywed. Pass the poetic phrase of the singer about the love idyll but a few days ago it was really time for the two to devote themselves to the honeymoon.

The wedding outfits

Wedding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
JLo on the wedding day

Although marriage was in the air (LOOK at the engagement ring), the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, hastily celebrated in Las Vegas, left everyone amazed. We expected a party in grand style and instead sentiment and simplicity triumphed. The Bennifers said yes in the famous Little White Chapel on July 16th. Also unusual is the choice of wedding looks, partly recycled (HERE all the details). In short, very rich and accustomed to luxury, the two made unusual choices on the wedding theme but, as regards the honeymoon, they spared no expense.

Parisian looks

jennifer lopez and ben affleck, parisian honeymoon with designer handbags
Fall in love in Paris

Paris is the city chosen by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for the honeymoon. What’s more romantic? The two, accompanied by some of the five children they had from previous relationships, were paparazzi around the city of lights. At the Louvre, on a boat on the Seine, in starred restaurants: JLo was always very elegant and very designer with a series of dizzying outfits. Fancy dresses, very high shoes, jewels: nothing is left to chance. However, the fabulous bags stand out in the Lopez looks.

Bags for every occasion

jennifer lopez and ben affleck, parisian honeymoon with designer handbags
Jeans and luxury bag

For the wedding in the city of the game, Jennifer Lopez he had chosen a discreet but precious one Bolide from Hermès, in white leather. A bon-ton bag, perfect for the occasion. In France, on the other hand, he opted for colorful and fun it-bags. There are two proposals for Valentinoone in black leather and one red (2,100 euros), combined with a dress with a sensual porthole on the breast. The mirror clutch by is fun Dolce & Gabbana (about 3,300 euros) from the evocative name, Snow White (Snow White), with the words “I am the most beautiful”. How not to mention the Birkin in aqua green crocodile? Worn with jeans it is casual but don’t be fooled, it costs more than 50 thousand euros.

After the Paris tour, the Bennifers split up. Jennifer Lopez flew to Capri for an exclusive Unicef ​​event (HERE IS her spectacular outfit) while Ben Affleck is back on set. Will they use August to continue their honeymoon elsewhere? Meanwhile, crumble all her Parisian handbags in the gallery.

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