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The Hollywood actress went out for a walk and found a woman wearing the same look.


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When it comes to buying something in season and from your favorite boutique, there is no worse embarrassment than walking down the street and seeing more girls wearing the same dress, however, there is possibly nothing more unlikely than being a stranger and repeating outfits but with a famous one!

This happened to an unknown woman, who during a walk through the streets of New York and ended up meeting another woman wearing the same dress but it was none other than the Oscar winner herself, Jennifer Lawrence. The moment, coincidentally, was captured by paparazzi and the reaction of both is pure gold.

The protagonist of Don’t look up, who is adored by her fans and is characterized by her charisma and good humor, did not stop laughing when she ran into a stranger who wore the same off-white maxi dress while both walked through a New York neighborhood. Who would expect that in a city of more than 9 million inhabitants you would cross paths with a Hollywood star wearing the same look?

In the images you can see the surprise of both, even of the friends of Jennifer Lawrence, who immediately noticed the coincidence and burst out laughing. According to the report of the Daily Mail site, it is a dress with a minimalist style, made of linen, which belongs to the firm Garconne and it costs 600 euros, which would be more than 12 thousand Mexican pesos.

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