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    Jennifer Aniston has one of the most envied hair in the film industry. She is not in vain she is one of the few women who can boast of having a cut with her name. Well, actually, named after one of her most iconic characters: its Rachel from friends. After playing this role, the fever for her blonde hair was such that her photo became one of the most recurrent sources of inspiration in beauty salons to replicate the cut.

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    Now the actress has released her own beauty firm, LolaVie, and how could it be otherwise, is focused on hair care. Jennifer wanted to focus with this project on responding to everyday problems that we all have with our hair every day: frizz, oily roots or dryness. Since the launch, the interpreter has given more strength to beauty content on her social networks, sharing with her fans little tricks that she has learned throughout her career, in which she has had the opportunity to work with the best stylists and hairdressers.

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    Among them, he revealed a while ago through Instagram that his straight hair is not like that by nature. Along with a photo of him showing his natural hair, she revealed that one of his signature products, the leave-in conditioning spray Perfecting Leave-In-Conditioner, was responsible for his coveted smooth. And more recently, the actress wanted to share with her followers the secret to having shiny hair like yours.

    The most interesting thing about this trick is that it does not imply having to buy any new product, neither from your firm, nor from any other. In a video shared on Instagram, the actress reveals His little guy to achieve extra softness and shine in your hair. Jennifer explains that she, sporadically, she resorts to a mix with which she gets it. In her clip, you can see how she puts a few drops of hair oil and a little conditioner on her own hand, she emulsifies both products and distributes them with an energetic massage from the middle to the ends of her hair.

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    The actress applies this mixture after washing her hair and with her hair completely dry, as a finishing product. If you are going to put it to the test, you must take into account the quantities, since if you go too far you can achieve the opposite effect and end up with your hair, which was freshly washed, matted and ready to go through the shower again. Start with small amounts based on what she uses for hair below the shoulders. If you think you need a little more, mix it up again and apply. At the time of depositing it, it is preferable that most of this homemade elixir remains in the lowest part of the hair, since naturally it is the driest and this translates into a loss of shine.

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