“It’s not going to change my life”: Carlos Sainz explained why he disobeyed Ferrari’s order

There is no doubt that Ferrari was one of the teams most affected by the result of the French Grand Prix a few weeks ago. Although the most disastrous of the day was experienced with Charles Leclerc and his abandonment on the twentieth lap, Carlos Sainz He also starred in some moments that noted disagreement with the Prancing Horse team.

One of them was experienced on lap 42, when the Spanish rider overtook Checo Pérez to climb to third place and dream of getting the podium. Right at that moment, the team contacted him to come to the pits to change the tires, but Carlos Sainz refused to obey the orderwhich had arrived at an inopportune moment and about which he was consulted at the end of the race.

Sainz is fifth in the championship after the end of the thirteenth date

The Madrilenian he finished fifth on round 12 of the championship with the fastest lap on his side, but found it impossible to evade the question of what had happened on that lap. As if he were a journalist, Nyck de Vries, who had been present with the Mercedes off the track, asked him about the ignored order and the answer was quite forceful.

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