Is Amber Heard blackmailing Elon Musk? New report reveals shocking details

LPreviously secret documents from the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard libel trial are now open and an influencer is quickly gaining support for a lawsuit. The “questionable parties” of Amber Heard were the subject of an expose on Substack by the Instagram influencer who goes by “House Inhabit”.

The House Inhabit website, run by Jessica Reed Kraus, revealed information about Heard’s racy parties in Los Angeles. These gatherings allegedly included “large amounts of MDMA,” alcohol, and sexual intercourse.

The revealing article included information about the romance of Elon Musk and Amber Heard.

Kraus revealed that Elon Musk and Amber Heard first crossed paths in 2011 at a party he and his wife threw at their Beverly Hills home. The exhibition also revealed that Elon Muskthe man behind Tesla, was paying Amber Heard’s legal bills for her defamation lawsuit because Heard had “something dark on him.”

Is Musk being blackmailed by Amber Heard?

According to the article, one of the partygoers revealed that “it’s not surprising to anyone who knows her. Amber I was always filming it. The events could happen and then film it all.”

Which begs the question of whether Musk is being blackmailed by Heard and this is why he is being so useful to her during and after the infamous trial of Johnny Depp.

Kraus, who has been an ardent supporter of Johnny Depp throughout the trial, he also spoke with another source who was identified in the article as Gia. Even though she didn’t like women in the past, Ella Gia admitted in the article that she was “in love” with Heard.

He went on to say that as their relationship developed, Gia received invitations to meetings where she, Heard and Musk They behaved scandalously.

speaking of heardGia also said, “Wow, she’s actually a complete psychopath, and if she hasn’t already, I have no doubt she’s going to kill someone soon.”

But what do you think? Could this be the reasoning behind Musk’s crush or constant help to heardor is it just another Hollywood rumour?

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