How to Record Timer Videos on TikTok

Surely a similar situation has happened to you: like the millions of people who are fans of the app, you are using TikTok and literally they don’t shake your hands for all the buttons that you have to press, or better, you need a countdown to be prepared and that the video is perfect (do you already know what POV means, the acronym that so many tiktokters use for their content pieces?)

The problem is that the functionality you need, the timer, it does not appear with the naked eye, and by the time you want to realize it, you have lost the opportunity to use it. Well, what you want is to record something cleanly as if you were Steven Spielberg, but the app doesn’t make it easy for you with that interface full of buttons, filters, cuts, transitions, etc.

We know it can be messy at times, and that it makes you angry not knowing exactly how to save yourself all these steps, but as soon as you recognize what the timer functionality looks like and where to find itit will be very easy for you to activate it and incorporate it into your recording tricks.

The use of the timer

The first thing we recommend is that you look for the surface where you are going to support the mobile to record and don’t worry. The timer is very simple to use when you already know where the tab that activates it is, and the best thing is that, once you have freed yourself from your hands, you will no longer want to use another tool when planning your videos. That discount time it gives you can go a long way in preparing you.

The first thing, obviously, is to open TikTok and go to the recording menu; the place where you do almost everything

You can locate the timer in the toolbar which are just to the right of the screen, between the ‘Filters’ option and the ‘Flash’ option.

tiktok timer

tiktok timerTikTok

You will recognize the timer by its icon: a clock (of all life) that indicates its function: to control the time, and in this case, to give you enough room for maneuver before starting to record. This is especially useful for choreography or any other kind of cut video that takes a bit of time to prepare, plus it allows you to change your point of view.

Here you have several options: by default, this tool is configured for a 3 second delay. You can set it to 10 seconds countdown before you start recording, if you wish.

You just have to use it as you like. The sequence of steps should be more or less as follows.

  1. Set the time timer to 3 or 10 seconds.
  2. Use the button ‘start recording’.
  3. On the screen the countdown will appear. Place the mobile in the best place and angle so that it takes you out in all its splendor (unless you are doing a viral challenge in which you imitate the mating of a seal, in that case it might have been better to study cinema)

When you have finished recording the video, go through the filters, emojis, stickers and texts section to give it the final touch.

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