How to know which ones are suitable for vegans?

Since 2012, the first Friday of August is celebrated International Beer Day, a date on which the lovers of this drink honor it. Speaking of which, what would happen if you knew that in its elaboration you can use ingredients of animal origin?

Surely this question does not produce anything for you if you have an omnivorous diet, but if you have decided (or are trying) to have a vegetarian either veganthis information may interest you.

In the process of clarifying beers, which consists of eliminating sediments that are released during fermentation -which remain floating-, ingredients of animal origin are generally used, such as jelly (animal bones and cartilage), tendons Y pig ligaments Y cattleeither fish tail (fish swim bladder). Some beers even contain egg whites or use glycerol, pepsin or lactose, ingredients that could also be of animal origin.

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The regulations and legislations are not always obliged to detail the use of these agents on the labels, since they are considered an element of action in the beer, but not an ingredient. Some brands indicate when they use, for example, egg white, due to the compromised food allergies.

In this sense, from the Coordination of Corporate Campaigns of the Vegetarians Today Foundation They commented that “there are numerous brands and services that use a seal or symbol based on their image as a ‘vegan product’ without being 100% vegan or without being certified; it’s ours responsibility as consumers to recognize the true seals and ask the companies that want to use them to be certified“.

What is the alternative for vegans?

Currently, there are modern systems to dispose of waste without including animal products. For these cases and to be more transparent with consumers, there are seals that certify products suitable for vegans.

“The great importance of vegan certifications lies in the fact that there is no legal definition of what ‘vegan’ means at the global level, therefore, anyone can put that attribute on a product without it really being so”, they detail from Vegetarianos Hoy .

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In this way, the foundation grants two types of certifications in Latin America: “vegan stamp”, created in 2013 by the same NGO and “V-Label”, of Swiss origin, which has become the most used vegan symbol worldwide with more than 40 thousand certified products. Both guarantee that the product is completely free of ingredients of animal origin.

One of the brands that has this certification is Roots Brewery, a Chilean, craft and independent brewery that has a “Vegan Seal”. elaborate vegan beers free of any derivative of animal originwhere they carry out the clarification in a natural way, only applying cold in maturation.

The main objective of the certifications delivered by Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy is precisely to promote the products that respect animalsalso helping consumers who share this concern.

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