How does George Clooney feel on his birthday?

When George Clooney He was 20 years old, he was cutting tobacco in Kentucky and from time to time he dropped by the university (journalism). One day he told his father that he was going to California to be an actor. For fifteen years he made third-rate series while surviving by selling shoes or insurance. His father told him to leave him, but George replied that he preferred to insist: “I don’t want to reach 60 without at least trying.” Today he is reaching the age that he marked himself and he can say more than enough that he has achieved it. No actor has worn the cool-mature tag so well for so long. It will be the antioxidant effect of caffeine.

If you want to know how George feels on his birthday, he will tell you the story of an aunt of his who sang wonderfully, because George is very anecdotal. From time to time he chauffeured her. One night George was driving and his aunt was behind him drinking vodka and humming. George said, “Auntie, why do you sing better now at 65 than when you were 25?” And the aunt replied: “Because I no longer have to prove that I know how to sing, I simply perform my repertoire.”

Well, all the way from George Clooney to here, all the girlfriends he’s had, the Kentucky redneck jokes he’s told, the times he’s said he’s leaving the movies and the ristrettos he’s had, will have been worth it. if you take advantage of the wonderful story you have on your hands. His next project is to direct an adaptation of The bar of high hopesthe novel by JR Moehringer (author of the biography of Agassi). This book (highly recommended) talks about everything that can be learned from life in a bar, concluding that “all the virtues that I associated with masculinity – toughness, persistence, determination, reliability, honesty, integrity , guts – my mother exemplified them”.

Congratulations, George.

George Clooney in Up in the Air

George Clooney in Up in the Air

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