Has matchmaking changed, making matches more difficult?

For some time now, you may have noticed that something has happened with the games of Fortnite. Suddenly you are not able to win a game, when before it could be something recurring, and the skill of your rivals even makes you desperate with the game. What happened to matchmaking?

As well. With the inclusion of Zero Construction mode, Fortnite implemented changes, supposed improvements, in its SBMM (Skill-based matchmaking), or what is the same, the skill-based matchmaking, to come across players with similar characteristics. Which means that it no longer matters how well you build, but how many kills or assists (which in the game the sum of both is known as eliminations) that you get. Obviously, if you build well, you’re going to get advantage and more of these.

The building ability or the victories achieved seem parked to the side. Something that in Zero Construction mode has much more weight. However, many users are noticing how since the middle or end of Season 2 and during this Season 3 of Chapter 3, matchmaking now doesn’t make any sensegetting into the game with rivals who far outnumber us, not missing a single bullet despite the fact that you find yourself in the middle of a zigzagging race, alternating jumps with slides, looking for cover.

This is something that is further enhanced when you are in Duos, Trios and Squads. Many groups of friends even begin to get fed up with the game, seeing how the general level of the games makes it impossible for them to achieve that Victory Royale. And it is possible that if there is a big difference in skill between the members of the same group, defeat is assured because they will always try to match up with rivals at the level of the best in the group. But when they’re all roughly the same level, things start to smell bad.

Much more aggressive rivals, a sign of their quality knowing that they are going to burst you. With highly studied strategies and measurements to the millimeter to rush you from various sides. An aim that doesn’t make sense, hitting all the bullets from hundreds of meters with a gun without scope. These are just a few of the things users are now dealing with. Fortnitewhich makes us wonder: has matchmaking gotten worse with so much supposed improvement?

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