Galilea Montijo reveals that her crush is Johnny Depp

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Just a few weeks ago Johnny Depp drew attention due to the trial in which he clashed with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Many people supported him because they are his fans, but recently Galilea Montijo explained that in addition to admiring the actor’s work, she is also his crush.

In the most recent issue of Divine Netthe hosts talked about crushes and relationships with celebrities, It was there when Galilea was asked who she would have a date with and her answer was Johnny Depp.

“He is my crush since I was a girl, that is, in his first series he was a detective and from there I fell in love with him. My television was black and white, surely, and I don’t know, it’s something that if I see it I faint. He couldn’t even speak.”

Paola Rojas commented that Johnny Depp is not her crush, but she would faint if he compensates her, referring to the trial that the actor recently had with Amber Heard, where the jury gave its verdict in favor of the famous, who sued his ex-wife for defamation.

“I faint if he compensates me,” said Paola Rojas.

Another of the drivers who intervened was Daniela Magún, who mentioned that if Johnny Depp met Galilea Montijo he would be the one to pass out.

“You think? Tell him about me”, joked Galilea Montijo.

After Johnny Depp was victorious in the trial against Amber Heard, He was recently seen with a woman, so rumors of a romance quickly began.

On the other hand, Amber Heard is determined to appeal the trial, in addition to the actress’s lawyer has assured that he does not have enough money to pay Johnny Depp what the judge established after he lost against the actor.


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