Former director of Chivas exploded against Ricardo Peláez for his alleged resignation rejected by Amaury

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A former sports director of Guadalajara expressed his opinion to Peláez’s statements and his argument that he has not left because Amaury did not accept his resignation.

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The recent appearance ofe Ricardo Peláez to grant an interview to David Medrano was not well received completely for the fans and the specialists, since a former Chivas manager appeared on television to explode against the current Atletico Sports Director after assuring that at some point he submitted his resignation but it was not accepted by the president Amaury Vergara.

Paco Gabriel de Anda, former soccer player and former sports president of Guadalajara in 2018, He assured that Peláez had to leave the rojiblanco team to make his own word count, just as he did when he announced that he would leave the Flock if Matías Almeyda left the rojiblanco bench.

When you quit, you quit. It is not to see if they accept it or not, if you want to leave, you leave. It’s like the case of Ariel Holan in León when he publicly said: ‘I already resigned, but they didn’t accept me’; if you’re going to quit, you’re leaving,” said the now analyst at Futbol Picante.

During the controversy with De Anda, Álvaro Morales considers that in Guadalajara the current Sports Director has not been valuedsince he has even had to deal with impositions from the owner of the team, in addition to the fact that he has not been able to deliver the expected results despite having experienced coaches in the market.

“In the Peláez era there were four technicians, including the imposition of Michel Leaño. Ricardo was treated as a vile employee, you swallowed it, they told you: ‘You shut up because Leaño is going’. With Peláez it’s already about Flaco Tena, about Vucetich, Michel Leaño and now Ricardo Cadenawith whom he stayed when there were options like Ricardo Ferretti and Juan Reynoso,” he concluded.


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