ET double is one of the finalists for the trip to Europe

Welcome aboard approaches the grand finale of “The game of similarities” and that is why this Thursday Laurita Fernández summoned the participants who were selected in recent weeks.

In this framework, he returned to the study the double of ET, the extraterrestrial, who had participated in the month of May with great successand with whom Hernán Drago recreated one of the most emblematic scenes of the film released 40 years ago.

Although he had been confused with Apu from The Simpsons, the Atomic ant, Marcelo Mazzarelo, Carlos Tévez and even the “Monkey” Navarro Montoyathe jury had to recognize that the resemblance to being from another planet was very evident.


Through the same door that ET returned, the doubles also passed by Tom Hanks, Jorge Lanata, Hernán from Mala Fama, Helsinki from La casa de papel, Diosito from El marginal, and Rolo Sartorio from La Beriso.

They also participated Fabio Posca, Nati Jota, and the children’s versions of María Becerra and Pricensa Merida from the film Valienteall of them subjected to the scrutiny of the jury made up of Bautista Lena, Drago and Matilda Blanco.

Finally, after a long deliberation, the shortlist decided that the participant similar to ET be one of the finalists for the trip to Europe that will take place next week in the eltrece cycle.

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