Emissions, Taylor Swift is the celebrity who pollutes the most with her private jet

What binds Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and Travis Scott? No, it’s not a new summer hit, but it’s still a ranking, albeit one you should never aim to climb. All three successful musicians are indeed among the ten celebrities who polluted the most by using their private jets in the months that have passed since the beginning of 2022.

Over 9 million people followed Pelosi’s flight

The aviation sector is once again the protagonist of the summer season 2022. The new automatic dependent surveillance-boradcast technology allows aircraft to share their position and other information with anyone who has a receiver. This is how online tracker sites were born that give citizens the opportunity to follow historical events live, so much so that they feel part of them, but also to be aware of how much their idols are actually committed to the fight against the climate emergency.

On the one hand, in fact, the seven-hour flight of the president of the US House, Nancy Pelosi, from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, was followed by 9.2 million people through Flightradar24, to have a size, almost double the spectators of all Rai networks in one day (5.6 million). So much so that the site had to limit access, to avoid further technical problems for users.

Private jets are bad for the environment

On the other hand, the marketing agency for sustainability, Yard, extracted flight data from the stars’ private jets to estimate related carbon emissions. It turned out that celebrity airplanes are responsible on average for 3.3 thousand tons of CO2, over 480 times more than the annual emissions of each citizen and the year is not over yet.

The British non-profit organization then draws up the top ten of the most polluting VIPs, not to impeach them, also because the list is not exhaustive and one cannot prove the actual presence of celebrities on the tracked flights, but to raise awareness of the public opinion on the harmful impacts of using private jets. In fact, not only do private flights raise per capita emissions to the stars, because obviously far fewer people fly there than an airliner, but moreover they are used for short distances for the simple convenience of the stars.

The risk is that ordinary people interpret private jets as a status symbol and therefore want to imitate the not eco-friendly behaviors of some celebrities. Although even before the publication of this survey, several users on social networks had exposed themselves in criticizing representatives of the star system such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, precisely for having traveled with private planes in the beautiful middle of the climate crisis.

Taylor Swift the most polluting

None of these names, however, are part of the ranking compiled by Yard of the celebrities who polluted the most with their planes, until at least a little over half of 2022.

In the first position it is located Taylor Swift, with 170 flights since January and more than 8.3 thousand tons of emissions, almost 1.2 thousand times the annual average of an ordinary person. A spokesperson for her, however, has made it known that the jet was regularly loaned to other characters, so it is not correct to attribute all these trips to her.

The legend of the box Floyd Mayweather it follows with little detachment the princess of the country-pop with 7 thousand tons emitted. However, he holds the record for both the shortest flight (just 10 minutes) and the number of trips, having made almost one a day.

In third place is another personality from the world of music, the rapper Jay-Z. The jet of the husband of Beyonce in fact, it has so far made 136 trips, emitting almost 7 thousand tons of Co2. Also in this case, the reaction was not long in coming and a lawyer of the manufacturer specified that the aircraft in question belongs to Puma and was wrongly attributed to Jay-Z for his long-lasting partnership with the brand.

We return to the sport for the fourth position with A-Rod, considered one of the greatest players in baseball history. The emissions produced by Jennifer Lopez’s ex with her 106 journeys, averaging 36 minutes, exceed 5.3 thousand tons. And again music and air pollution meet on the fifth step of the ranking. The American country singer and husband of Gwen Stefani, Blake Sheltonemitted 4.5 thousand tons of CO2, 642 times the average of a single citizen for a whole year.

In sixth place on the list is the legendary director Steven Spielberg, with 61 flights and 4.4 thousand tons produced. Her shortest journey was only 18 minutes and 78 kilometers.

Kim Kardarshian instead, it ranks seventh, with more than 57 private flights organized, all rigorously immortalized for its 326 million followers on Instagram, and 4.2 thousand tons of CO2 caused.

The next in the standings is the actor Mark Wahlberg which produced 3.7 thousand tons of emissions, more than 538 times the annual average of an ordinary person. However, his average time in flight is the longest of the whole top ten, albeit short: almost two hours.

The penultimate position is occupied by the TV presenter Oprah Winfrey which with its 68 flights caused 3.5 thousand tons of Co2 into the atmosphere.

The rapper closes the ranking Travis Scott with just over 3 thousand tons of Co2 so far in 2022. The husband of Kylie Jenner However, it marks the record of the private flight with the shortest route compared to all the other VIPs that precede it: only 11.8 km. (All rights reserved)

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