Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place 2 and Other Muses of Horror

Movie theaters are beginning to wake up from the lethargy imposed by the pandemic and the spring of 2021 has become the release date for the great films that have been patiently awaiting the most opportune moment for their release. Beside cruel, a quiet place 2 becomes, in this way, one of the most important titles of the season and reaches the big screen with the mission of revitalizing the box office and get the audience back to the movies.

A peaceful placeits predecessor, also directed by John Krasinski, is considered to date as his greatest success behind the camera. In its sequel, which opens this June 16 in Spainthe level of emotion, human pain, chills, scares and the action in the most shocking scenes does not decrease at all. Kill and escape alien siege in a dystopian world is what you have.

Both films tell the story of the Abbott family, who is forced to live in silence and communicate by making as little noise as possible to survive the invasion of spider-like aliens with an ultrasensitive sense of hearing. Thus, a quiet place 2 transports the viewer, as flash backto the day these aliens invaded the quiet town of Millbrook, and how the Abbotts have managed to survive thanks to their knowledge of the sign language.

a quiet place 2 comes from sweeping the US box office (it premiered on May 28) and has been praised by William Friedkindirector of The Exorcistwho has defined it as “A classic horror movie“; and by Stephen King, considered a master of horror literature, who once declared himself a fan of the first installment. Taking into account that the author publicly stated that he hated the adaptation of The glow Kubrick did, his support for Krasinski’s film is no small feat.

One of the fundamental pillars of these two films is the performance of Emily Bluntwhich interprets Evelyn Abbott, mother of three children who, together with her husband Lee (John Krasinski) must ensure their survival. london actress won the SAG award in 2019presented by the Screen Actors Guild of America, Best Supporting Actress for her performance in A peaceful placebut the truth is that it is not usual to see a nominated actress getting awards for this genre, often ignored by organizations such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), responsible for deliver the Golden Globes. Therefore, no one was more surprised than the actress herself when it came to collecting her award, especially if we take into account that that same year she was also nominated for Mary Poppins Returns.

This recognition could indicate, therefore, that Hollywood’s mindset about horror movies and their potential entry into the race for the industry’s biggest awards could be changing. While we wait to confirm if this opening finally takes place, We collect some of the best female performances in horror movies that deserve an award:

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