Elvis, Brad Pitt and The Minions arrive this weekend at the summer cinemas in Córdoba

Almost total change in the billboard of summer cinemas in Córdoba with the arrival of the weekend. The trend, yes, remains between film bets for the whole family and Hollywood-style film bets.

Thus, up to three new releases arrive this Friday at the open-air cinemas of Córdoba, where it still survives Father there is only one 3the third installment of the family saga of Santiago Segura, which can be seen from this Friday to Monday at the San Andrés Coliseum.

It is screened at the Delicias Cinema on the same dates Bullet Train, the new film by Brad Pitt, who, accompanied by the reggaeton singer Bad Bunny, are part of the passengers on a bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Morioka and in which there are a few hired killers. A bloody comedy, directed by the director of dead poolwhich returns us to Pitt to registers like those of snatch.

In the Olimpia Cinema it is projected from this Friday to Monday Elvisthe hypervitaminized biopic directed by Baz Lurhmann (Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby) about the life of the iconic singer, with inspired performances by Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

As for the Cine Fuenseca, it projects The minions, the origin of Gruthe new sequel to the fun animated saga for the whole family, exploring the events that led to Gru becoming a supervillain.

These four films will be in theaters from Friday to Monday. All functions are unique and start at 22:00.

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