Dressing up like Justin Bieber might be a great idea

Unfortunately, he didn’t arrive darting aboard the all-white Vespa that he personally designed in one of the coolest collabs in recent months. But the summer spirit was certainly not lacking in the first appearance on the Italian stage after the long stop on the tour due to some health problems.

Justin Bieber at the Lucca Summer festival

Simi Andrea

In addition to the presence and energy on stage, the look of the Canadian idol struck, who with nonchalance and what we could define “minimalism in the manner of Justin” while wearing practically only 4 garments managed to flex all the major trends of the summer 2022.

Number 1: The tricot bucket hat. Now there is no doubt, the fisherman hat is ok, but the crochet fisherman hat jacket in the Premier League of coolness. The one sported by Justin is a very colorful but understated version of Urban Outfitters, excellent for all budgets. \

Urban Outfitters, Bria Crochet Bucket Hat

€ 33€ 19

Urban Outfitters

Number 2: Obviously shirtless, as Donald Glover also seems to recommend. But below the navel one cannot fail to notice the great return of cargo shorts, as Robert Pattinson had already decreed and which we had already talked about on GQ. Again, for Justin, no luxury brands but a bulwark of workwear at popular prices like Dickies. Unfortunately the blue color worn by ours is no longer available, so we offer you a gray version.

Dickies, 13 Inch Multi Pocket Work Shorts

Number 3: At the foot Nike Air Force with swoosh in contrast. A classic. Ah, and of course hello to Drake.

Number 4: But it’s the sock that makes the difference, because you know the devil is in the details. And in this case it is Balenciaga white socks with black logo. Of those who ask yourself ‘I need them’ and the answer is obviously ‘no’, but if you then ask yourself ‘I want them’ the answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’.

Balenciaga, tennis socks

So, let Bieber-summer be.

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