Domingo Zapata: “I don’t remember a single day of my life without painting”


The Spanish artist lives today in the last residence of Pablo Picasso and is the author of ‘Mona Lisa Torera’, which was sold for more than a million euros and for which Leonardo DiCaprio came to bid.

Domingo Zapata during the inauguration
Domingo Zapata during the opening of the “Sonrisa” exhibition in Madrid.gtres
  • The against of LOC The Thyssens and Domingo Zapata animate Spanish art

Domingo Zapata (47) is installed in the French town of Mougins, south of France, very close to Cannes, where it was the last residence where the master Picasso lived, called Notre Dame de Vie.

Of course, Domingo is not alone. He has taken his partner Miranda (32), his two children and also his mother Isabel. They have been installed for almost three months in this villa loaned to him by a friend who is an art collector and owner of the mansion.

Zapata has gone to the south of France, since he is creating pieces that will be seen in October in what will be his first exhibition in Tokyo. “I’m doing a special series inspired by Picasso that I am going to exhibit from October 15 in Japan”, explains the artist to LOC.

But Domingo always had the soul of a painter. “He has painted since he was little and I don’t remember a single day of my life without painting“, he confesses. Although he has studied Political Science, he never developed that career professionally. Until he was 27 he worked in financial marketing in New York but at the same time he continued to train as an artist. For more than 20 years he has only been dedicated to art, with great success, in addition to.

At the beginning of the year, Zapata sold for more than one million euros the Mona Lisa Bullfighter in an auction held at a charity gala held on the Caribbean island of San Bartolom. “It was one of my greatest successes since all profits were earmarked for Unicef”, reveals Zapata. The painting was purchased by a anonymous american collector at an event organized by Sotheby’s, which included the actor Leonardo Dicaprio among the people who bid for their purchase.

This August 4 opens The Beautiful Dream of Life written by him in 2017, but adapted by the choreographer, dancer and friend of the painter Raphael Bitter. “This work narrates the path that an artist travels, frome your greatest successes to failures and the oblivion that arises when no one seems to care about their fate anymore”, as Zapata himself defines it.

It is a style that combines genuinely Spanish artistic expression such as Flemishwith the sensitivity and the artwhich has 12 artists on stage, live voices, flamenco choreography by Amargo himself and a stage aesthetic by Zapata himself. This same book will also be adapted to the cinema with a film that Zapata himself will direct and that will start shooting at the end of this year.

Domingo is one of the most valued Spanish artists among the celebrities and has been trained in Washington and London. Y has portrayed great stars like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp.

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