DJ Khaled calls Drake and Lil Baby for the single Staying Alive

Staying Alive with Drake and Lil Baby inaugurates the new recording era of DJ Khaled. The famous producer is preparing, in fact, to launch his thirteenth recording effort.

The promotional campaign for the album has started in recent weeks through various posts dedicated to the unpublished and to some of the guests that we could find on the disc.

DJ Khaled’s Staying Alive with Drake and Lil Baby is out now!

DJ Khaled – as you know – is used to doing things big and, for this occasion, he has called two of the most powerful names in the contemporary music industry next to him: Drake and Lil Baby. The second, in particular, continues to be among the most popular rappers of the new generations, grinding millions of streams every day.

The two artists take turns at the microphone and sing about having survived all the trials of life (click HERE for the full text). The melodic approach of both goes very well with the beat – to which Nyan and Tim Suby also contributed.

The official video of the song has also landed on Youtube. Khaled and Drake take on the role of a doctor and a nurse respectively, only to be joined by Lil Baby.

Staying Alive will appear in God Did, coming on August 26th. JAY-Z will also make an appearance in the project and the confirmation came directly from DJ Khaled who triumphantly announced it on social media. In recent years, the two have strung together several collaborations including the masterful Major Key as well as Shining And Top Off with Beyoncé.

The album will be released one year after Khaled Khaled, reached # 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and certified platinum in the United States. Among the various guests were Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Nas and Justin Timberlake.

Waiting for the official cover and tracklist of God Didyou just have to recover Staying Alive from the link you find below … good listening!

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