David Lynch in the new Steven Spielberg

    steven spielberga fatal retiree, has not yet finished his press tour to promote ‘West Side Story’ ahead of the Oscars, but is in full post-production of a new project: ‘The Fabelmans’. The film, under the protection of Universal, is scheduled to be released during the Thanksgiving holiday, that is, at the end of November.

    ‘The Fabelmans’, which according to the first details will be a semi-autobiographical film inspired by the time Spielberg grew up in Arizonatoday has had good news. David Lynch, the galaxy brain behind ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’, has today been confirmed within the project. Lynch, in his role as an actor, will work alongside the already well-known cast: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Paul Dano, Julia Butters and the debutante Gabriel LaBelle.

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    For now, it is expected that Michelle Williams and Paul Dano bring to life a version of Spielberg’s parentswhile Seth Rogen plays a character based on the now-filmmaker’s uncle. LaBelle will be Sammy, a young filmmaker apprentice, and Butters will play his sister, Anne. In addition to this main cast, the cast has Judd Hirsch, Sam Rechner, Oakes Fegley, Chloe East, Julia Butters, Jeannie Berlin, Robin Bartlett, Jonathan Hadary and isabel kusman.

    It remains to be seen, yes, what role the other great “grandfather” of contemporary Hollywood will play next to Spielberg, David Lynch. Lynch, as an actor, has worked as a secondary both in his own projects (for example, he was the fantastic Gordon Cole in ‘Twin Peaks’), but also under the hand of other filmmakers (his role in ‘Lucky’ is memorable).

    It will be the first time Lynch and Spielberg have collaborated. something, despite both having started working in the 70s within the authorial canons of the Hollywood industry. Lynch is behind the greats mind-fucks of the turn of the century: ‘Mulholland Drive’, ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Lost Highway’ and the incomparable ‘Inland Empire’. His career as a director has oscillated between more commercial titles (which are not formally minor), in the style of ‘Wild Heart’ (Palme d’Or at Cannes) or ‘The Elephant Man’ (with which he was nominated for eight Oscars), and pieces radically marginal, with short films in the fields of video art and expanded cinema.

    In fact, not even when he received the Honorary Oscar could David Lynch leave behind his most eccentric facet, delivering a speech that no one has been able to decipher to this day. Steven Spielberg has always remained on the classic side of the formula, so the combination of both figures will open up a world of formal and narrative possibilities that will surely be interesting to explore.

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    Steven Spielberg co-writes the screenplay for ‘The Fabelmans’ with Tony Kushnerhis regular collaborator (it is Spielberg’s first film as a screenwriter since ‘AI Artificial Intelligence’), and both are producers along with Kristie Macosko Krieger. Everything indicates, therefore, a capital creative control of Spielberg towards a story that is, more than ever, his story.

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