Cristiano Ronaldo fired his personal cook: the motivation is surreal

Cristiano Ronaldo fired his personal cook: the motivation is surreal. Not only football problems: even at home things are not going very well.

Cristiano Ronaldo diet chef
Cristiano Ronaldo (Ansa)


After the tensions with mister Ten Hag, CR7 continues to make headlines with some really questionable behaviors. Waiting to understand what his fate will be, the Portuguese ace is trying in every way to be ‘hated’ by everyone for some questionable behaviors that, to the eye of critics and the public, definitely appear as real whims .

This time to cause a stir is the dismissal of his personal chef, a news that perhaps most will not give a damn but that makes news for the motivation chosen and communicated by the Manchester United striker.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has fired his personal chef: the reason is sensational

Cristiano Ronaldo diet chef
Cristiano Ronaldo (Ansa)

Just recently, the coach ten Hag had imposed a personalized diet for the team, a way to keep the diet of the players under control on specific instructions from the company. This has cornered all players with a personal chef, who had to – inevitably – sack them because United has imposed strict control of the power supply under their supervision.

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The diet will be based on fish, vegetables and carbohydrates, obviously with the forced absence of sweets, alcoholic drinks and sugars. Considering that the players will be in the training center every day and eat together every day, it goes without saying that the personal chef, at least for the moment, has to find a new location …

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