Cilliam Murphy plays the American scientist, creator of the atomic bomb

Julius Robert Oppenheimer, we see him already old and retired. He was the first and brilliant scion of a wealthy New York Jewish family. He would leave behind valuable works across a broad spectrum in the field of theoretical physics.

In 1942 he was recruited for the “Manhattan” project for the manufacture of the atomic bomb, as director of the laboratory at Los Alamos, in New Mexico.

A biography of 25 years of work, from his early career to his central role in the Cold War. After the bombing of Hiroshima on August 17, 1945, which left millions dead, he wrote to the United States government that he wanted nuclear weapons to be banned.

His life was confronted with the moral consequences of scientific progress. Oppenheimer embarked on a pacifist crusade that would last until his death in 1967. He would speak of remorse and seeking redemption, working for nuclear peace.

The famous English filmmaker Christopher Nolanafter his successful films such as “The Origin”, “The Batman Trilogy”, “Dunkirk” or “Tenet”, has set his sights on “Oppenheimer”, in his life and work, about the man who created the atomic bomb.

The film presents part of the history of the American scientist, played by Cilliam Murphyuntil his death from throat cancer. A man who opposed the even more destructive hydrogen bomb.

The cast includes several stars, Emily Blant, Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Robert Downey Jr, among others. It will be the life of the considered father of the deadliest weapon invented by the human being.

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