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The actress said that it was he who explained what homosexuality is about.


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After starring in a scandalous trial against his ex-wife, Johnny Depp It has been a topic of conversation for many actors and actresses who have shared the set with him at different stages of his career.

And precisely who has spoken of Johnny in recent days has been Christina Ricciwho shared several movies with him in the late 90s, when they were both on the horns of the moon with such fame.

It was so during an interview for the SiriusXM program, Ricci told Andy Cohen about one of her most enriching experiences with Depp, who immediately became more than just another companion on the set for her. Ricci revealed that when she was a child and only 9 years old, Johnny took on the task of explaining to him in a natural way what homosexuality was.

It all started because a fight arose on the set, and it is that, as he recalled, one person was yelling at another about homophobia: “I was in the dressing room with Winona (then Johnny’s girlfriend) and he couldn’t explain it to me, so he called Johnny and he told me what it was. I remember him telling me, ‘It’s when a man wants to have sex with another man and when a woman wants to have sex with another woman,'” he said.

Ricci highlighted Johnny’s clarity on the matter, which is why he supposes he never saw the issue as a problem. Of course, he joked with the driver about the fact that Cher was on that same set, an icon of the gay community and who for many years has been ahead on the issue of sexual diversity, since her son soon assumed part of this and she supported him.

Ricci finished by saying that since they worked together many times, Johnny became a very important friend for her, almost a brother, and that filming her first sexual scene in her career with him was problematic because she saw him as family, but there was always a lot of trust.

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