Chris Rock would meet with Will Smith to talk on one condition

After the controversy between Will Smith Y Chris Rockboth characters had not seen each other face to face again, but it seems that soon they will do so, but conditions will be set for this.

Will Smith's reunion with Chris Rock

After the controversy that occurred between Will Smith and Chris Rock, both characters had not seen each other face to face again, but it seems that they will do so soon, but conditions will be set for this. | Font: Diffusion

According to US media, it would already be the right time for the actor Chris Rock meet personally with Will Smith after the abrupt blow that this caused him at the Oscar event.

Will Smith to Chris Rock:

Will Smith’s hit on Chris Rock

It was trending for many weeks. At the annual Oscar event, he had to introduce Chris Rock a part of the programming where he had no problem starting to joke with different people in the audience, including Will Smith’s wife, the actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

A Will Smith He really disliked the joke that the comedian played on his wife, because she suffers from a condition called alopecia, which causes excessive hair loss, and for that same reason he had no hesitation in getting up and approaching Chris Rock and give him a big punch that caused them to pause the program for a few minutes.

After the event that happened, it was Will Smith himself who decided to go out and apologize publicly for what happened and personally referring to Chris Rock.

will meet again

According to a radio station in the United States, the comedian Chris Rock I would be willing to talk to Will Smith but as long as a very important condition for him is met.

what you have asked for Chris Rock is that the event that occurred and the coup caused will never be commented on again, neither by him nor by Will Smith. If the actor agreed, the comedian would have no problem engaging in a conversation with him.

“Like everyone who saw Will’s apology, he has mixed feelings. Part of him feels bad for Will and part of him feels angry that she wanted to play the victim.” is what the sources who were talking about the possible meeting between Will Smith Y Chris Rock.

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