Britney Spears: The new album by “The Princess of Pop” could be called “Revenge” and be the darkest of her career

After six years of musical hiatus, the American interpreter Britney Spearsbetter known as “Pop princess”, he could be preparing his tenth studio album and they assure that it would be the darkest of his entire career.

According to the Music Times site, the singer is working on her next record material with trusted producers and they point out that it could bear the title of “revenge” (“revenge” in Spanish).

In addition, they affirm that this new album is being made with the greatest of efforts, as they plan to take it to the top of music chats. In fact, the singer of hits like “Toxic” Y “Womanizer” has not left the studio in recent months, according to reports from a source close to the 40-year-old artist.

What else is known about the new Britney Spears material?

As detailed by the same site, “Pop princess” He has already decided on the aesthetics of this new material, since they mention that it will be full of dark visuals, freedom and full of references from his musical beginnings.

They also mention that the purpose of britney in this new work is to show that they have their own musical style and is not a commercial artist.

His last album was “Glory”, which was released in 2016. (Credits: Facebook/@Britney Spears)

Why did you stop making music?

Although it has been widely rumored that britney he had no plans to return to the stage or make music. A week ago, it was announced that the interpreter of “work bitch” will release a new single with the iconic singer Elton JohnWell, according to the site Page Six, both recorded a new version of “Tiny Dancer” which will be released this month.

In fact, a spokesperson for the 40-year-old artist assured that she never planned on leaving music. In fact, he said that she loves being on stage, but she wasn’t ready to go back because she wasn’t feeling well emotionally.

“”Britney never wanted to stop making music, but she felt emotionally damaged by how her father and his team used her to make money that she could not spend, she was only allowed to give shows in a certain way and release crappy songs that her dad approved of” revealed the source close to “The Princess of Pop”.

Britney got married last June in a private ceremony at her mansion. (Credits: Facebook/@Britney Spears)


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