Bradley Cooper’s lookalike is wanted for alleged theft at Home Depot

Rocio Munoz-Ledo

(CNN) Police in Georgia are searching for the culprit in an alleged robbery case at a Home Depot store, and the surveillance footage is staggering as it shows the familiar face of a celebrity.

A surveillance photo released by the Henry County Police Department (HCPD) shows a man — who looks eerily like Bradley Cooper — removing a Bosch rotary laser kit from a Home Depot store last month. passed in McDonough, Georgia, about 30 miles southeast of Atlanta.

Prices for Bosch rotary laser kits run as high as $629, according to the Home Depot website.

HCPD posted the photo of the unknown man on Facebook last week and asked the public to contact police with any information about his identity.

Users were quick to broadcast their hunches with comments about the man’s resemblance to actor Bradley Cooper.

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“Well, this is easy. Bradley Cooper. There you go,” says one comment.

“Bradley Cooper stealing? He is now very far from the superficial … ”, commented another.

“You know times are tough when Bradley has to steal!” says a third.

CNN has reached out to HCPD to request an update on the case.

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