Blasi-Totti, Nara-Icardi, Amendola-Neri: in the summer the couple breaks out

«And they call it summer this summer without you…», sang Bruno Martino, in what has become a classic of Italian music. It was 1965 and the holiday season was also one of nostalgia, of the broken loves that one tried to mend or never stopped regretting. Other times. Summer now, judging by the number of famous loves that have come to an end, is the season of couples that break out, albeit more and more often between peaceful announcements, often joint, which, paradoxically, seem to be children of a common vision that is difficult to associate with the word “end”, but anyway, even fairytale stories, by definition and media narration, end.

There is no shortage of examples. After the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, which shocked fans and supporters, to be close to the farewell, after 25 years together, would be Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri. According to the rumors gathered by the weekly “Diva e donna”, Amendola has already left the house where they lived together. And, in some shots, she is seen having dinner with her son Rocco, 22 years old. Francesca Neri is not there. Yet, only a short time ago, the two, who married in 2010, reaffirmed the strength of their bond, put to the test by her disease – chronic interstitial cystitis, of which she spoke in the book “Come carne viva” – but, thanks also to this, become even stronger. Amendola has always been close to her.

“Being next to her was my task, it wasn’t difficult,” he declared last May, a guest at “Verissimo”. On that same occasion, he was moved and said: “Ours is a great love story.” Francesca Neri, for her husband’s birthday, on her social media had quoted Pablo Neruda: “Two happy lovers have neither end nor death, they are born and die several times while living”. In short, an intense sentimental question-and-answer. Now, that romantic “conversation” is interrupted, at least overshadowed, by the rumors of the imminent – or even already occurred – breakup.

Here we go again
And the summer may not even survive the love between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, married since 2014. And here, it is not just about “rumors”. Or rather, not just the voices of people outside the couple. The Argentine program “Los Angeles de la Mañana” broadcast a recent audio message addressed to the maid and attributed to the footballer’s wife, which would leave room for few doubts: «I came here to Argentina because I am about to divorce Mauro. I’m organizing it. I would stay a few more days and then I will come back to get your ticket and everything you need. I’m organizing things a bit for the divorce because I can’t take it anymore. ‘

The crisis broke out last year, due to the alleged betrayal of the attacker with China Suarez. First of all, in fact, the break between Totti and Blasi, after twenty years together, including seventeen of marriage, from which three children were born. Last July, after so many indiscretions and as many denials, the two spouses, with separate announcements, announced the separation. A closed “fairytale”. In summer, in fact.

«It is a season full of expectations – explains Marco Silvaggi, psychosexualist Order of Psychologists of Lazio – for some very high, in terms of pleasure. In winter, one is inclined to tolerate dissatisfaction. In the summer, no. Also due to social pressures, it is seen as the period dedicated to pleasure, to conquer and be conquered. Moreover, the opportunities for meeting and thus the betrayals increase. Many partners live distant periods because they visit their families of origin. That distance becomes a great opportunity for other relationships ». In fact, under the high sun, especially under the stars, many take back their freedoms and spaces. «Let’s say that dissatisfactions accumulate in winter which, in some cases, explode in summer». The good season, therefore, does not seem to be such for love.

Many “fairytale” relationships ended in the summer, over the years. Thus, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Diletta Leotta and Matteo Mammì, Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli. And the list could go on and on. However, the phenomenon would only be in its infancy. “The issue of summer breakups is particularly evident among young people. It is the season in which, according to external pressures, you have to have fun and show it. Previous generations did not have these problems. In the summer, therefore, we leave each other more, but in the autumn, on the other hand, when the lifestyle changes, more relationships are born ». Love has its times. And its “seasons”.

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