Billie Eilish’s ponytail at the 2022 Grammys or the 90s hairstyle that a gothic Spice Girl would wear

That the trends of the late 90s and early 2000s have returned is a reality. That billie eilish It has been the one that has best known how to reinterpret them and take them to its personal style, too. During the Grammy Awards 2022the singer demonstrated once again why she is one of the most identifiable artists of the moment, always faithful to some codes, but adapted to the dress code of every red carpet. If, for example, at last year’s Met Gala he was able to emulate Marilyn Monroe without losing a single bit of his own essence, at an event like the Grammys, in which pop culture is so present, his inspiration –at least in terms of hairstyles – it might as well have been the Spice Girls. Or at least the spice goth that never was.

Grammy Awards 2022: all the looks from the red carpet

Grammy Awards 2022: all the red carpet dresses

Embarked on a new era of hair, with that resounding black tint that she has worn in her last public appearances, the singer once again demonstrated her versatility on the red carpet with a sober styling by Rick Owens, accompanied by minimalist XS sunglasses (again, that 90s component). But the key to the whole look for an unmistakable look into the past was his hairstyle: a ponytail that could perfectly have been worn sporty spice either baby spice in the 90s, if they had gone to the dark side of the trend.

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