Billie Eilish: Alternate Sound

An artist who captures the dark humour, irreverence and disillusionment of an entire generation. That’s Billie Eilish and her sound like no other.

There is no voice like Billie Eilish’s. On the one hand, it is difficult to think of a young woman who manages to lament with the same notes, who evokes so much nostalgia with a sigh; on the other hand, there are very few musicians who capture the melancholy, love, disillusionment and irony of the younger generation in the same way that she does with her lyrics.

It is not for nothing that she has become one of the most awarded artists of recent years.

Although her career is relatively short, it is already full of must-see pop hits… and they are all here, in this Spotify playlist that collects the best of Billie Eilish in one place. From her first successes full of humor and sadness as bad guy Y When the party’s over; going through those songs that showed us his creative versatility as no time to die; even the most intimate themes with which he now shows us a new facet of his career and of him as a person, such as happier than ever Y your power.

His most recent release is the duo of songs guitar songs, which captures the melancholy of the trivial, the sadness that hides in everyday life. The first is TV, a track that debuted live in the middle of their Happier Than Ever world tour. “We haven’t played a new song live since 2017 or 2018,” she told concertgoers before she and her brother Finneas played the new song. the other is the new the 30thwhich reflects on those seconds that surround tragedies.

Billie Eilish is, without a doubt, one of the great artists of this generation. And whether you want to give yourself a chance to discover her, or get lost again in her sardonic and intimate themes, there’s no better way to do it than with this playlist.

SPOTIFY: Billie Eilish: Alternate Sound

DEEZER: Billie Ilish: Alternate Sound

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