Ben Affleck Returns as Batman in Aquaman Sequel

Definitely one of the most anticipated movies for 2023 it is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdoma production that will star Jason Momoa and that will have the participation of Ben Affleck as Batman. Here we tell you all the details about this unexpected return to DC Extended Universe.

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the return of batman

This news was revealed by Jason Momoa on July 28, who on his official Instagram account published a series of photos with Ben Affleck. In them you can see Ben with Batman’s signature hairstyleas well as in a black suit, shirt and tie, a classic of the gothic superhero.

In the message of the publication you can read the next: “TOGETHER. Bruce and Arthur. I love you and I miss you. Caught on the set great things are yet to come AQUAMAN 2.

The post also includes a video where Momoa appears interacting with a group of fans who walk through the Warner Bros studios, while mentioning “It’s not a fucking secret anymore“, to finally enter a dressing room where you can see the initials BA (Ben Affleck) and thus reinforce the revelation.

Although, until now, Warner Bros. and DC have not commented on the matter to confirm or deny the participation of Ben Affleck in Aquaman 2.

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the dc multiverse

One of the first news confirmed the return of Ben Affleck as Batman was the announcement of his participation in the tape Flashwhich was scheduled for the end of 2022 but was postponed to June 2023due to various drawbacks.

However, it is now known that Batman will arrive first Aquaman 2since this will be released earlier, since its debut is planned for March 2023. For this reason, it is believed that said production could appear as a key piece for the DC multiversessince I would have the opportunity to explain how it is that BruceWayne is part of both Flash Like from The Kingdom of Atlantis.

Everything seems to indicate that upcoming productions could mean a series of DC Extended Universe timeline changes. Although they also anticipate the end of Ben Affleck as Batmanbecause the actor announced in 2019 that his role as a DC superhero had come to an end.

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